Featured Items

We’re proud to announce and display the following items in our showroom. Visit us to take a look.


Accurate SilentPAC

Accurate’s innovative, noiseless technology enables SilentPac™ hardware to function at the same level as ambient noise in a room. Embrace quiet time with these easy-to-implement solutions that make silence simple.


Armac Martin MIX Collection

The MIX collection is manufactured from solid brass machined components. MIX your own version of the collection by selecting your style and finish of knob and caps. Then select your size and finish of backplate. This collection is ideal for contemporary and modern interiors, including kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms and freestanding furniture.


PullCast - Jewelry Hardware

PullCast is empowering an innovative jewerly design concept in the Hardware World. Discover the sophistication and majestic art portraited in the shapes of our jewerly hardware, true objects of art, passionately made to – Extend to uniqueness.


Deco & Deco

Deco & Deco create unique products  handcrafted by artisans worldwide to bring you great stylish pieces.
At Deco & Deco our artisans and craftsmen create the finest, the unique, the extraordinary, in window treatment hardware. It’s pure artistic expression in blown glass, imported crystal, metal sculpting and hand finishing. You’re invited to explore the collections that take hardware from functional to objects of desire.